What kind of air compressor and fittings do I need?

The AK-III high-pile tufting machine is both electric and pneumatic, meaning it must plug into the wall and connect to an air compressor to operate. The machine features a short hose for easy connectivity to an air compressor. 

Selecting an air compressor: You’ll need to use an air compressor that’s compatible with spray guns or sanders, or has an output of between 5 and 7 CFM at 90 psi. Air Compressors that have a lower CFM at 90 psi will not supply enough air to support tufting. 

Connecting an air compressor: Although tufting machines are a unique tool, they hook up to air compressors in the same way all air-driven tools do. Your local hardware store, auto parts store, or air compressor specialist will be able to help you purchase exactly what you need. 

Because each country specifies different hose connections, we are unable to offer detailed information on which fitting you might need. The manufacturer of the air compressor you purchase can advise you on which fittings you might need to connect your machine. 

*Tuft the World uses a ¼” diameter compressor hose, but a ⅜” hose also works with the AK-III. 

Filters: You’ll want to add a filter to the air compressor to prevent water from building up in the valve of your machine (especially if you live in a humid area). Without an added filter, water will eventually start to leak from the needle of the AK-III, causing serious damage to the air valve. Filters can be added anywhere between the compressor and the machine, but we recommend installing where the compressor meets the machine so it doesn't add more weight to the tufting machine. Make sure the fittings on your filter are compatible with the fittings on your hose. To learn more, speak with an air compressor specialist to determine the best filter for your climate and hose. 

Other Recommendations: 

  • Air compressors can be loud. If you need a quieter compressor, look for those specified as “ultra quiet.” 
  • Make sure the hose doesn’t develop a kink; this will prevent enough air pressure from reaching your machine. 
  • When setting down your machine, rest it on the side where the hose is not located.

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