How much yarn do I need to tuft a rug?

The amount of yarn needed to create a rug depends on the size of your project, how close together your tufted lines are, how tight the tufted strands are, and the height of the pile.  

For example, if you’re feeding two strands of yarn into an AK-I cut pile machine set to produce a 12 mm pile (about ½ inch), you will use approximately 8 ounces of yarn to tuft a square foot. Since our Reflect yarn comes in 16 ounce (1 lb.) increments, this means, with two cones of yarn on your yarn feeder, you’d be able to tuft about four square feet (or 60 cm x 60 cm) before running out of both cones. 

When planning your rug and purchasing yarn, it’s always best to have too much of a color than to run out mid-project (and extra yarn is helpful for compensating for mistakes). If you’re tufting with our Reflect Eco-cotton, bear in mind that, because it’s made using available recycled cotton, colors are occasionally discontinued.

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