What happens if I get a rip in my cloth? Why is my machine cutting the cloth?

First let's talk about why a rip or hole happens.

  1. Poor tufting cloth. If you're using inferior cloth this can happen very easily. 
  2. Cloth not stretched enough. Make sure the cloth is stretched as tightly as possible
  3. Overworking an area. Spending too much time in an area causing the cloth to break down
  4. Not moving the machine in the correct direction. See the Quick start video or user manual for help.
  5. Avoid going in curves until you have #1-4 figured out. Curves and round shapes can be created with vertical or horizontal lines. Move to curves once you have a feel for the machine.

Now let's talk about how to fix it.

It's best to wait until the rug is completely finished then patch it. A patch can be tufted in a different section of the cloth, then either sew it in or glue it in. 

With practice you won't create any holes in your cloth as long as you are following the instructions above.

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