What is a low pile machine?

A low-pile tufting machine will tuft piles up to .75" (18mm) tall and only uses electricity (not compressed air) to function. If you're looking for a higher pile or to tuft shaggier rugs, you'll need to upgrade to our high-pile machine.

We sell three machines that create low piles. The AK-I (cut-pile), AK-II (loop-pile), and the KRD-I (cut and loop)

The AK-I and AK-II can only make loop or cut piles, but not both. These machines are super easy to learn and use, and are the machines Tuft the World uses during workshops. 

The KRD-I can create both cut and loop piles with a part-change and some adjustments. We recommend the KRD for more experienced tufters since it requires more familiarity with tufting machinery to maintain. 

Compare the machines in more detail here.

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