What is a low pile machine?

A low pile tufting machine is defined as one that can only tuft up to .75" (18mm). The only use electricity and do not need compressed air (pneumatic). If you're looking for longer/higher pile you'll need to upgrade to our high pile machines.

We sell three machines that create low piles. The AK-I (cut pile), AK-II (loop pile), and ZQ-II (cut and loop). 

The AK-I and AK-II can only do loops or cut piles, but not both. These machines are super easy to learn and use. These are the machines I use in my workshops. 

The ZQ-II can create both loops and cut pile by switching out parts on the head. Generally I don't recommend this machine for beginners because it's twice as heavy as the AK-I and AK-II and switching out the head isn't easy.

For complete specifications, please see our comparison chart or video.

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