Safety Precautions While Tufting

Updated 7 months ago by Tim Eads

Just like many other art mediums, tufting has side effects that can impact your health. 


The sound of most tufting machines is similar to a drill or a loud sewing machine. We recommend tufting with earplugs or noise cancelling headphones.


Yarn is made of loose fiber that is rolled together to create a continuous strand. When the fiber moves through the head of your tufting machine, it sheds, causing you to breathe in small amounts of those shed fibers. The lasting effects of inhaling yarn shedding ranges in severity depending on how frequently you tuft. Regardless, we recommend wearing a mask or turning on an air purifier while you tuft.

Adhesives range in toxicity levels and odors, and some can pose a respiratory threat.  Please read the label on your chosen adhesive prior to use and follow the safety instructions. We recommend applying adhesive in a well-ventilated area, and wearing a mask and gloves during application.

Body Pain:

Tufting machines can be heavy, and strain your body. If your wrists, feet, or back start to ache, take a break and stretch! We recommend wearing motocross fingerless gloves, comfy non slip shoes, and practicing good posture while tufting.

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