The white gear on my cut pile machine seems to be stuck. How can I fix it?

Updated 1 year ago by Tim Eads

There are a few things that could prevent the white gear from performing a smooth rotation.

*These directions are for AK-I cut pile only. We do not offer support for ZQ-II machines at this time.

1. A previous adjustment is causing the bottom or top bar to be too long. Therefore throwing off the mechanics of the machine.

2. The bolt has become loose on the white gear through normal use. When the bolt becomes loose, it will slide along the channel as the gear rotates. Check that the bolt is tightened in the center most part of the gear. The nut that tightens this can become stripped pretty easily, meaning the bolt won't stay tight. In this case we suggest replacing this piece.

3. Something else mechanical happened. For instance, yarn is stuck in the machine or a piece of metal/another part is bent. The gear jamming could also happen if the part that causes the scissors to open or close is moved out of alignment.


The steps to fixing a jammed white gear are:

Check that the bolt is attached at the center of the gear. If it isn't in the correct spot, loosen the nut a little bit and scoot it close to center. Here is a link with more details:

If that didn't resolve the issue, return the tufting machine back to factory settings. Here is a link with more details:

If both of these fixes are done and the white gear is still catching, rotate the gear to find the spot it's catching on to unjam it.

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