What do I need to get started?

  1. Tufting Machine. You will need a tufting machine! There are several types of tufting guns broken into two main categories; low pile, and high pile. You can decide for yourself, but I would recommend starting with a low pile machine.  You can learn more about them here
  2. Tufting Cloth. You will need cloth to tuft into. I would recommend using my Primary Tufting Cloth, which you can find here. Can you use other cloths? Learn more here.
  3. Yarn. You will need a fair amount of yarn. You can tuft most yarns, but the higher quality the more success you will have with you guns. You can find more info about which kinds of yarn work well here or purchase our yarns that are guaranteed to work here
  4. Tufting Frame. To tuft, the cloth with need to be held taut in a frame. You can purchase a frame from here, or you can watch my video tutorial on how to make your own for ~$25 here. 
  5. Finishing. Once you tuft a rug you will need to finish it. There are several ways to do this depending on what your rug will become (wall piece, floor rug, garment) You can watch my video covering all things backing here

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