How do I finish my tufted piece?

Because tufting relies on strands of yarn staying in place in a piece of cloth, finishing (or glueing and protecting the back of your project) is an essential part of creating a finished product.  

There is no one way to finish a tufted piece. How you finish yours will depend on which materials are available to you, and what you intend to do with it (wall hangings, for example, are finished differently than rugs). To find the finishing procedure that’s right for your work, be prepared to do some independent testing of materials and methods. 

Generally the steps to completing a tufted piece are:

  1. Determine the best adhesive to use based on the presentation of your piece. 
  2. Work adhesive into the back of the piece while attached to the frame, then let dry.
  3. Once the adhesive is dry, remove the piece from the frame.
  4. If you want to back your piece, decide on the type of backing cloth
  5. Adhere the backing with contact adhesive or another adhesive/backing method.  

An array of techniques exist for applying these steps, many of which are demonstrated by tufters on video and social media platforms. Tuft the World’s online community forum is also a great resource for swapping tips and soliciting advice.

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