Do I need to glue my rug?

This really depends on what the final pieces purpose is. I recommend gluing your rug so there's less of a chance of the yarn being pulled out. Backing is necessary if you want it to be a rug for the floor. I use an industrial final backing cloth to finish it or light weight canvas or muslin also works.

For rugs intended for the floor, we glue in two stages. First stage is glue applied on the loom while the piece is still stretched. This glue locks in the tufts so they don't come out. Second stage is to attached the final backing to the rug. After the first stage is dry we use Roberts 8200 Contact Adhesive to apply the backing cloth. For a permanent bond glue is applied to both pieces that are being stuck together. Once tacking the two pieces are put together.  

For more information watch my video on the ultimate guide to finishing here.

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