Current and past shipping updates

Updated 17 hours ago by Tim Eads

Currently all AK-I and AK-II tufting machines are only available for pre-order. Below is a chart to provide an estimated shipping window. We are fulfilling orders every day in the order they were received.

These machines are on pre-order only because of major global supply chain issues related to COVID19. Please watch a short video by our founder, Tim Eads, for more information. Read more about the ongoing delays here: NY Times, CNBC article, Maritime Executive.

Order Date

Ship By

Loop machines: January 7th - March 17th

April 30

Cut machines: January 7th - February 22nd

April 30

Cut machines: February 23rd - March 17th

May 31

Cut machines: March 18th - May 4th

June 30

Loop machines: March 18th - May 4th

May 31

Cut machines: May 5th - current

July 31

Loop machines: May 5th - current

July 31

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