Do I need a special adapter or plug to use my tufting machine?

Tuft the World’s AK-I, AK-II, and AK-III tufting machines come with an AC/DC adapter, which converts up to 240 volts of AC (alternating current) power to 30 volts DC (direct current) power. Adapters have a Type A plug compatible with household electrical sockets in the U.S. and several other countries. 

Most international customers will need to purchase a universal plug adapter to use in combination with the AC/DC adapter we provide. 

KRD-I tufting machines are available in 110 volt or 240 volt models. We currently only sell 110 volt models.

International customers will need to purchase a power converter to change 110v to 220/240v. Tuft the World is not responsible for electrical problems that may arise from incompatible usage.    

To learn more about the specifics of your country's plug-types and voltage, click here. To learn more about each tufting machine, click here to check out our comparison chart.

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