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Holiday delivery times

Orders placed before November 8th: These were guaranteed before Christmas, but have had ongoing supply issues. Most are already shipped, but we still have some we're waiting on supplies for

Orders placed from November 8th-28th: These were pre-order machines and are guaranteed to ship by late January, but may be sooner.

Orders placed after November 28th: These were pre-order machines and are guaranteed to ship by mid-February/Early March.

In all cases the button to add the item to the shopping cart indicated when the pre-order was for.

updated Dec 1, 2020

Black Friday Cyber Monday Nov 27-30

20% off storewide including the AK-I and II, yarn and cloth. Machines ordered this weekend will still be shipped as soon as possible but we can't guarantee delivery by the December 24th. We will be sending a special enamel pin and card so your recipient has something to open on their special day. The sale is Friday the 28th 12:01am Eastern Time (NY) to Monday 11:59pm Eastern Time.

The discount is applied automatically at check-out. No discount code is needed. If you don't see the discount in your cart please continue the check-out process.

Please note: the AK-III machine is not for sale this weekend.

I already ordered a tufting machine before the sale. Can you apply the discount to that order?

No. The only way to get the 20% discount is to cancel your current order and place a new order during the sale. However, you will lose your current place in line to receive your order. All purchases made this weekend will have a 5 to 6 week delivery time instead of the usual 2 - 3 weeks. And, just a reminder, supplies are limited for this sale. To cancel an order, email We will process your return on the next business day and it will take 2 - 10 days to refund your original purchase.

How can I ensure that my order arrives by December 24?

We’ve had our share of Covid-related supply chain and shipping slow downs this year. And we know that holiday shipping can be both more important and even slower than normal.  In an effort to play it safe, we cannot guarantee that any orders placed after our Early Black Friday sale on November 6 will arrive before December 24th. We will do our best to ship all orders as quickly as they come in but we want to be open about potential delays. We are hoping that things will improve and we can push that cut-off date back. We just don’t know yet! 

I really want to give someone a tufting machine for the holidays but can’t order by November 8, am I totally out of luck? 

No, absolutely not! Last thing we want is a bunch of disappointed would-be tufters.

Everyone who orders a tufting machine or kit from November 8 through December 15 will receive a FREE specially-designed Tuft the World enamel pin as an additional gift. The pins will arrive to U.S. customers by December 24 in a gift box with a note letting the recipient know to expect something exciting coming from us in early 2021. 

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