What is a high pile machine?

A high pile tufting machine is defined as one that can only tuft up to 2.75" (70mm). They use both electricity and compressed air (pneumatic) to operate. 

We sell two machines that create high piles. Both machines can create loops and cut pile. The AK-III and ZQ-III.

The AK-III is my favorite machine and can create both loops and cut piles from .75" (18mm) to 2.5" (60mm) and comes with five pile heights in that range. More pile heights are available, but we've found we only use the five.

The ZQ-III is the more traditional tufting machine. It's weighs twice as much as the AK-III so it's best to use a counter balance to help offset its weight. It comes with twelve pile heights ranging from .75" (18mm) to 2.75" (70mm) 

For complete specifications, please see our comparison chart or video.

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